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Abusive Relationships: Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation.​ Information recall: access the knowledge you've gained to answer questions about the types of elder abuse.​ To learn more about elder abuse, review the accompanying lesson called Abusive Relationships: Elder Abuse.

Therapy worksheets related to CBT, self-esteem, anger, and more. The Types of Abuse worksheet provides a brief description of the different forms of abuse The Adult Children of Alcoholics: Discussion Questions handout was designed to​.

The Elder Abuse Toolkit for Local Governments developed as part of this project. Reference Guides and Worksheets Elder Abuse questions worksheet.

Challenging Thoughts Worksheet. Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet. CPT - Challenging Beliefs Worksheet. CPT Handout Coping Skills (for Adults). Coping.

Elder Abuse MDT Statement of Need – A Worksheet. What is a Statement of Need? A Statement of Need is a summary of data that is related to a problem that​.