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I just can't figure out why the hair would change color any ideas??? mamajohnson, Oct I am pretty sure it has copper, it is loose minerals for goats. Been out . Adults display more subtle signs of copper deficiency. They are.

“Show goats need to be worked with and fed correctly over time — it's teaches a group of young 4-H'ers tips on how to fit a show goat. “Clipping a few days before the show ensures that the goat's hair is even and smooth,” Welk said. Rotobrush the hair up, fluff it up, put adhesive in, do a touch-up on.

The signs of mineral deficiency are faded hair color, loss of fur or patches of missing fur, balding tail tip She has raised dairy goats, meat goats, and fiber goats.

A goat has a soft, downy undercoat covered by a fine, coarse outer coat. Without routine care and proper nutrition, a goat's hair becomes dry and brittle, making it​.