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Find out what can cause housetraining regression, and how to address housetraining a puppy or dealing with regression in an adult dog, use.

Potty training your dog can be frustrating, and if you've made it through the learning curve only to have him regress later on, it can feel like a.

Some adult dogs may never have been fully housetrained or were trained to use papers, pads, or another indoor “toilet.” Luckily, if an adult dog is going in the.

Our dogs are sensitive and many things may trigger a housebreaking regression. Generally speaking, this undesirable behavior can be traced.

Housebreaking an Adult Dog Using the Umbilical Cord Method But for older dogs that are still having accidents in the house, the umbilical cord method that once a dog had been housebroken using this method, he will usually not regress.