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(The average weight of the deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus, is grams, and In grassy fields and in mature, coniferous forests, white-footed mouse.

Peromyscus maniculatus is a rodent native to North America. It is most commonly called the deer mouse, although that name is common to Three or four litters per year is probably typical; captive deer mice have borne as many as The young reach adult size at about 6 weeks and continue to gain weight slowly thereafter.

The tail is nearly half the total length and the ears are average to large in size. Weight: 10 to 43 g. Measurements: Adult measurements (in mm). A small to medium species of Peromyscus, the white-footed mouse is brownish to grayish.

Size: P. maniculatus is a medium size rodent but exact average size depends on which form is being examined. Weight: Adult weights range from 10 – 30 g.

A medium-sized, short-tailed, white-footed mouse; tail about 43% of total length, External measurements average: total length, mm; tail, 78 mm; hind foot, 21 mm. lighter weight, and brighter colors; from the latter in less hairy and not sharply The maximum home range of adult males is about ha, that of adult​.