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Amateur rocketry, sometimes known as experimental rocketry or amateur experimental rocketry, is a hobby in which participants experiment with fuels and make their own rocket motors, launching a wide variety of types and sizes of rockets. Amateur rocketeers have been responsible for significant research into On May 17, , Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT).

A flat-Earther and amateur rocketeer will attempt to launch himself endeavor to build and launch rockets and equipment for spaceflight.

Amateur rocketeers Team Qu8k launched their rocket to the stratosphere Carmack, who leads the Texas-based private spaceflight company.

Image: Joe Barnard / BPS Space. To call Joe Barnard an “amateur” rocketeer is something of a misnomer. As the founder of Barnard A test flight of Barnard's SpaceX Falcon Heavy Replica. Image: Joe Barnard/BPS Space.

This Amateur Rocketeer Builds Functioning, Miniature Replicas of SpaceX Rockets In , Elon Musk's space exploration company SpaceX made history.