Woman SMASHES OBJECTS with BREASTS! _ Got Talent Global-N_O_Vgq7vkk - video dailymotion - breaking things with boobs


Busty Heart Susan Sykes with her size 34M breasts visits Botched surgeons | Daily Mail Online breaking things with boobs

The woman that can smash things with her breasts! Smashing alcoholharmreduction.info melons. I wonder if she could smash me with her breasts ;).

After explaining to the doctors that she first took up smashing things with her breasts because she wanted to be a comedian - she says that she.

I had to watch this a few times to see if she was actually using her boobs to break a watermelon. I thought maybe she had something in her shirt.

Posted: May 5,

Boob smashing isn't some half-assed, or more appropriately ass-titted, side gig. Susan's profession has earned her a titty penny, allowing her.