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Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their sex He shows me the book in Arabic in which, 41 years ago, Ayatollah Khomeini wrote about new medical issues like transsexuality. "I believe he was the.

My mum asked me if I was transgender when I was around 19 after I'd already transitioned. She said: “Well, are you?” And I was like: “Are you.

In this op-ed, Xoai Pham explores how being a transgender woman doesn't mean you have to look or act a certain way, and why gender.

I started my transgender journey as a 4-year-old boy when my grandmother repeatedly, over several years, cross-dressed me in a full-length.

Media attention on transgender issues and a general shift in public “Still, she was sitting there in front of me as a very proud woman,” he says.