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How Subarus Came to Be Seen as Cars for Lesbians - The Atlantic car lesbians

Car Lesbians is a fem/car/sexploitation racing game created by /tg/. The basic premise is that you have a car and you are a lesbian. You must.

Car Lesbians is an exciting new game from /tg/ that can be played in as little as ten minutes or as long as a full campaign, depending on what the players and.

Created by multiple unattributed contributors on the Traditional Games board ("/tg​/") of alcoholharmreduction.info From the rulebook: The premise is simple: you have a car and.

In the s, Subaru's unique selling point was that the company increasingly made all-wheel drive standard on all its cars. When the.

You need a car that matches our personality and style. Whether you're a lipstick femme or big burly butch, these are the top cars for lesbians.