Sex Records: The Weirdest Sexual Feats on Record - sexy world records


Five of the Sexiest World Records sexy world records

Or, wear as many underwears as possible while you are running! Jokes aside, we have fifteen unusual and sexy world records here that are.

Sex: most of the world is having it, but not everyone is setting sexy records like the good people on this list. From guys who take hours to masturbate to the.

Five of the Sexiest World Records. While many people like to think that they're breaking records with their sexual prowess, there are few who can boast this.

This World-Famous Violinist Played Saxophone In A Subway And People Just Someone Help Us Understand How This Guy's World Record For Highest.

Who doesn't love the idea of breaking a world record? Who knew that there's a whole underworld out there filled with unusual sex records and.